April 7, 2013

Easter Sunday

Chanley got a little upset when she couldn't get Conners to hold still for a picture with her. Haha cute girl. Love her little pouty face.


We had a fantastic Easter. Ryan's family came to visit. We had good food, beautiful weather, and most importantly, got to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior. The kids loved the Easter egg hunts, and we all ate way too much candy. On our way home from church on Sunday, I made Ryan pull over so we could take some family pics. {He wasn't thrilled, but he was a good sport.} Who am I kidding...none of them really wanted to take pictures. Chanley just wanted to dance in the alley, Conners just wanted to run, Ryan wanted to go home and eat. But we got some good ones nonetheless, and no one died from starvation. Thank you to my fabulous sis-in-law, Tay for snapping the family pics! Love you!
Oh, and funny sidenote. Saturday we were still searching for an Easter outfit for Conley. Everything I had found was so expensive, but I was getting desperate. We ran into Kohl's because nothing else was open, and they absolutely nothing in his size. We found this cute purple suit to go with Chanley's dress, only it was a size 3. (He just turned one.) So we rolled up his sleeves and pants and it worked out fine. You may notice the safety pins in his pants...you do what you gotta do!
So in love with my family, and grateful for the miracle of the resurrection. Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

March 18, 2013

Rewind. A look at our '12 Halloween

Just playing catch-up. Yes, I know it's March, the middle of March to be exact. ;) It's about time I posted these. We had a gorgeous fall, it was perfect. I'm sitting here sick in bed, looking out my window at the freezing cold weather, and missing those days.

Pumpkin patches.



A Preschool Halloween concert featuring the cutest cupcake.

Her sweet Mickey Mouse teacher. Every child needs a teacher like this, we adore her.

And dressing up for Trick-or-Treating.

The cupcake and the ragamuffin. {I was too lazy to make a muffin costume to go with the cupcake, so I figured a ragamuffin was a good alternative. Clever, right?) :)



Until next Halloween...